"Is your no gif list posted anywhere and if it's not can you post it please" —Anonymous

no gif list

justin bieber 

gossip girl  

grey’s anatomy 

one direction ( but i don’t mind giffing zayn i like him so maybe zayn)


teen wolf 

doctor who ( i can’t compete with the amazing gifs i see in the fandom)

the vampire diaries


50 shades of grey 

anything with vampires

sports games (i don’t know shit about sports other than friday night lights and neymar is hot)

ummmm that maybe it if i can find a good torrent or video i wouldn’t mind giffing what you want

Katheryn Winnick - Behind the Scenes Photoshoot for Men’s Health

"babes did you get my ask? :(" —wind-beneath-the-wings

yes because i remember your blog name can’t remember what you ask for anne v or kasia struss either ot i made the gifs and they are in the requests tag (x)

"gossip girl or grey's anatomy please" —Anonymous

on my no gif list i don’t give a fuck about either one of those shows sorry to be a bitch but you know